Loose Tooth

by Obscura Hail

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timerobb another obscura hail release, and i foresee another 6 months of not listening to anything but.

no complaints here though. Favorite track: Rogue Winds.
Jack Jones
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Jack Jones This is a brilliant album, easily one of my favourites this year. Amazing songwriting. Love it. ❤ Favorite track: Murakami.
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Short Sighted // the lobster

Killstreak // cults

A Warm Hand // dead mans switch

Suture // i'm so sorry

Alien // the future is bleak

Murakami // sombre ephiphany

You Will Go Peacefully // ego death

Rogue Winds // PTSD

Onism // stasis

Comfort // hesitation

??? // ???

??? // ???


released March 25, 2017

Charlotte, for supporting and believing in me, and being the best friend I could have asked for //

My housem8s, for not going crazy from my tenor harmonies leaking through the walls at 4am (or at least not mentioning how crazy it made you) //



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Obscura Hail Melbourne, Australia

A marathon of consistency for the sake of memory


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Track Name: Short Sighted
Go in blind, or be tranquilized
dig your own grave in the woodland
be fooled into thinking what you shouldn't
commit to the ruse
try to be what they need you to be
Track Name: Killstreak
bury your god
we’re making a deal with the devil
to even the odd
put your faith in the animal

trust in fresh bone
in the body it’s grown
chaos is nothing but chance,
blind energy lost in a dance

You don’t have to pick a side
since noone’s right
you we’re taught to accept
what you’re here to defy

you can let the people pray through the week
find a way of turning the other cheek
and Justify their every action
with the teachings of a faction
see them burn by the fires that take them

bury your god
we’re making a deal with the devil
bury your god

you don’t need to believe a lie
or to testify
you belong to this world
and will long after you die

you can let the fuckers prey on the weak
add up all the points in their kill streak
or you can give an ultimatum
allow the time to understand why people hate em,
or burn by the fires that made em
Track Name: A Warm Hand
Don't want to be the one to make a scene,
or tiptoe around what I mean
I'm not taking any notes from no angry ghost
conflicted by what it's whispering

Don't want to be the one to break your heart
or tiptoe around coming clean
I'm drawing on the pages of our history
with a warm hand and a leaking gland

be kind, write true with a fine point pen
read the hand signs, take the social cues, 'cus we're all grievin'
leavin' breadcrumbs tellin' what we've done to the ones we love
I'm sorry for the way I am, I hope that one day I will understand
Track Name: Suture
No time was wasted on deciding what was meant
or shifting the blame for the ashes in the bed
we got high together, watching parks and rec and Bored To Death
moved south together, needing not a whole lot to be said

Putting pressure on the temples made the headaches go away
suppressed internal dialogues that made us so afraid
of loving someone openly, and letting others fade, she said
I don’t want another suture, I’m fine to let it bleed, hey
I could be your suiter, you just tell me what you need

I promised that within the year, she’d be a pillion passenger
and we’d ride out of this town, we both coveted for years
I felt I let her down, I know in love, I am an amateur
where do you draw the line between character and actor?

I tried to keep up with the illusion, the first impressions of my songs
as if we shared the same conclusions about how to write the wrongs
but the closer that you get to me, the more space between the words
I’m a person, not a poem, credits due where it’s deserved

nothing really touches, a void exists between held hands
and that’s where you can find me, molding hour glass sand

but from the stress of being held, we saw death take a baby bird
I had hoped that it would live to tell how humans weren’t all predators
we dug, avoiding corpses in a massive unmarked grave
wrapped it in a tissue, and prayed its soul was saved

now I’m not sure what I needed, but if it’s any consolation
I know I wanted company, and honest conversation
you’ll forever be a lover, my family and friend
and you’ll find the strength you’ve always had to start your heart again

nothing really touches, a void exists between held hands,
but that’s where you will find me, molding hour glass sand
Track Name: Alien
I've been waitin' on a shootin' star
bringin' extra-terrestrials, from worlds beyond the dark
they'll have culture we've never seen, machines defying gravity
been waitin' each night for a shootin' star

been talkin' bout politics so far
our policies on poverty aren't workin' as they are
the rich won't pay their debt, until we become a threat
we're all takin' bout politics so far

Our children will be punished by the world
no equity for non-binaries, or between boy and girl
in art we have a choice to give others a voice
but still our children will be punished by the world

to think about the future makes me sick
I'd kill myself to make a point, if only it would stick
the best that I can brew is sing about the good we'll
once all the tyrants buckets have been kicked

we're stompin' all over sacred ground
their sovereignty will need to seed, if we're gonna stick around
I'll acknowledge where I stand, the original custodians of this land
Wurundjeri, you'll always own this town

If I'm to say I'm australian, then I'll admit I'm an Illegal Alien
I came on a ship from outer space
.…I've never felt so out of place

but I'm not without good company
who knows what I'd get up to, or what kind of guy I'd be
if we were all left alone, hearing radio silence through my phone,
I'd probably borrow each and every chord, from those who passed
and are still adored

but I'm happy you came, please stay for a beer
and bitch about the industry
Track Name: Murakami
I've unpacked my baggage without my knowledge
I'm on the mend, I'm eating solids

this stranger thinks I'm familiar
and it's taken time to be convinced
that I remind them
of someone they've seen since

I'm done writing my thoughts down
and twisting my wrist
to make sure there's still bone

there's an awareness of the states
that I fall into when I'm home

routine, fading,
higeine, waiting

only now, can I recall
the words that you were saying
as I boarded the plane for my brothers wedding
you were looking for a softer place to land
Track Name: You Will Go Peacefully
the curtains are accustomed to the fire,
the most unlikely of friends contribute to your death
but you will go in your sleep
you will go peacefully

your neighbours will attempt to call for help
not knowing who is inside, or what started the flame
they never liked you that much, won't remember your name
Noone will gather around to visit your grave
but you will go in your sleep,
you will go peacefully

slowly, surely, each and every part of you will perish

and then you hear the voices of regret
you know its all in your head, but still its turning you deaf
but you will go in your sleep, you will go peacefully
with no preconceived notions
you will go in your sleep, you will go peacefully (re)
Track Name: Rogue Winds
rogue winds carry scent
of the blood spent
telling fateful blows
where Iron greets the flesh
oooo ooooohhh

words cannot surface
where mended by nurses
are the throats burned by curses
toward bastard sons
oooo oooooohhh

we're packing up our things
once again, we're moving
passing down the pain
like our last name
nothing really changed
Track Name: Onism
I'm standing in the kitchen, there's nobody in sight
I've whistled my rendition of boys don't cry
I've eaten the last muffin that you baked this afternoon
I choose to believe that you will not be leavin' soon'

now you've flewn away for an indefinite time
I'm not sure if I can honestly say you're stay mine
it has been several weeks and the distance has aligned
with the creeping reveal of that loosening bind

cus' somehow we grew and bore different fruit
though mine were seedless
and I won't think of germination while you're on vacation,
cus' I know we need this
you might have stayed if I had layed out my intentions
but I wouldn't concede to the thought that I wasn't paying attention
Track Name: Comfort
I welcomed the mosquitos harvesting the blood right through my jeans,
desperate to know me as a flavour

am I sickly sweet or savoury? savoury

my body aches from sitting still
and swallowing the pills I took this morning,
I thought 'fuck it, what's the harm in feeling nothing?'

I can't tell which I prefer, the floorboards or the tiles
though I'm certain that I haven't earned the comfort
of a warmth between the sheets,
atleast that's what I believe
Track Name: Lair
just beyond the wood at the edge of the mountain
shrouded by fog, is the lair of the vampire bat

the flapping of their wings can be heard overhead
to be home before dawn, to the lair of the vampire bat

out on my porch, soft glow of the embers are lighting my face
let the strike of a match show them the path
to the safety of caves, where I struggle to maintain my gaze
Track Name: Missionary Disposition
now I was told that we were placed here for a reason,
as if just bein' was a kind of treason
now we're on a mission from our lord,
we're on a mission from our lord

when I finally sleep
and I've got no soul to keep
you say I better be careful
I'm gonna meet the devil

fuck, fuck, fuck your devil
and fuck your god