Leaves, Earth

by Obscura Hail

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'Leaves, Earth' is Obscura Hails' conscious experience of the early 21st century. Digital pace, contextual self-perception, the augmenting qualities of each and the post-application of fate are key motifs, delivered in a lush sonic palette that has been likened to Jose Gonzalez, Simon & Garfunkel, Owen & Sufjan Stevens.

"The gentle, layered vocals and lush guitar arrangements create a minimalist soundscape for Conran’s intriguing thought process"
- Sabi on Qualia, mismatch.tv

"Sean handles each delicate moment as if it were dangerously fragile – each experience or thought a priceless treasure to take care of"
- James Frostick on Little Web, whothehell.net
released October 12, 2016


released October 20, 2016

All songs written by Sean Conran

Produced by Foundling Studios
Mastered by M. Flood



all rights reserved


Obscura Hail Melbourne, Australia

A marathon of consistency for the sake of memory


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Track Name: Terminal
Not at all acquainted
you let yourself in
parading around like you own this skin
investigating rooms
locked up, or so I presumed

Knocking over antiques
kicking up dust in the air that I breathe

There’s no point in compartmentalizing
this intruder isn’t one of my devising
I must compare and observe
disregard what I’ve heard
trust that I will learn
from this encounter

I'm not familiar
with your strange behavior
but I trust that you know
something that I don't -
through the cracks
in the foundations of this fragile mass
you push your fingers,
gently pull at my features

I couldn’t comprehend you
or by what laws they have bent you
I won’t let you stay

I won’t let you stay a stranger
Track Name: Little Well
... and I will give our best to those
who have little to show
there is a way to see beyond
the monsters we've become
Track Name: Quarterlife
In your quarter-life crisis
I am carefully listening
to the tone of your voice
as you’re speaking

You shared a love
as strange as it was fleeting
advised by a tarot card reading

In my quarter-life crisis
you dissolve the periphery
the fuzzy geometry
I’ve adjusted my sight
to a blinding light

we touched without touching
made signs with our hands
made future plans
to meet in New Orleans

by a lamp near your bed
no callous on right thumb
left thumb not burned yet
You came along
at the dawn of my repeating
Track Name: Urgency
killing time nodding to strangers

you felt used and I felt useless

my olfactory, overworking

the brush and leaves, what is this place?

a kiss on a cold shoulder, cold shoulder
and a thawing of the centre
I can't afford to think about it anymore
in a whispered word
Track Name: Qualia
Thinking Is a race
all your good ideas
fighting for a place

orbiting a mass
drawn by gravity
illustrated on a sheet

ripples in a lake
fractured by a seed
of potentiality
sewn by a hand over the weave
sewn by a hand over the weave

curled into a sphere
infinitely small
all but visible

Little ideas
brought into existence
for a time here
only for short moments
I cannot stand
letting their presence fade
back to where they were made

Archived by a sole
detail of their whole
resting by the knoll
Track Name: The Sense That I Prefer
I wonder what you think when I’m around
compared to when I go out of town
I can be a nervous wreck
and my body can be tormented

By the waves created by a word
and the weight I give the way it’s heard
so I give each sound the benefit
of the doubt that it had ever existed

I wonder where you’ve hidden all the photographs
there is so much I can understand from the images of your past
our history is ocular
though it isn’t a sense that I prefer

I am deep in the tapestry of a self-manifesting weave
not sewn by just a needle, or a seasonal seed
I’m a thread pulled from a well-worn section of a sleeve
and I often make up reasons
for the damage that I leave

As if the waves created by the lie
would force us to make stronger ties
and give each knot the benefit
of the doubt that it had ever existed
Track Name: Little Web
Moving pictures on a silver screen
living their lives in a 2D scene
I’m glued I’m glued, to the seat in this room

I’m reminded of my youth
I’m doomed, I’m doomed

little birds are picking up the bread
I threw to them
on this rare occasion
small orb weaver packing up her web
her stomach fed
we’ve agreed on paths to tread
and where to lay her head

We set up, boundaries,
poisoning what we call enemies
there’s a bounty on your kind
to your service we are blind
Track Name: Void Surfer
and all the signs point backwards
the path unto the void
evicting all the animals
from their hiding places
Track Name: Augmented
true happiness
fighting internal comparisons
of who I am
triggered by substance abuse
every now and again
I cover my head with bed sheets
no one must know I do these things
pinpointing all my inflictions
and proving what value I have

three sentences
stumbling over phrases again
honoring past times and folklore
every now and again

I shut off all electronics
turn out the lights and I play these strings
recalling all my inflictions
proving what value I have
Track Name: Exulansis
the saddest thing I know
Is that I can’t explain myself
even at the best of times.

I find that I critique
everything I speak
In an attempt to make it rhyme

I can see when I repeat
words I’ve mentioned since
where ignorance is bliss
I use what’s left of my intelligence

to aid what I describe
as manifesting suddenly
in someone else’s mind

but it seems that I have managed to convince
myself that explanations don’t exist
just data that is always incomplete
sent without the confidence it needs
to solidify it as a proven fact
my experience determines how I act
I predict I’ll feel my core collapse
turn into a vacuum and dissolve my body mass

the hardest thing I know
is that I cannot stop the bleeding,
despite my able being
insightful, but not really
it’s all part of the show

sometimes I stop halfway through a lie
for consequences I identify
as actions that will haunt me all my life

I’ll learn to know myself eventually
though by then I’ll probably...