by Obscura Hail

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released April 30, 2017

Recorded/ Mixed/ Mastered by FOUNDLING STUDIOS

Album Art // stills from the 1970 vampire cult classic 'Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders' (Jaromil Jireš)



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Obscura Hail Melbourne, Australia

A marathon of consistency for the sake of memory


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Track Name: Agency
I know you’ll always say I’m young,
still yet to taste the bitter-sweetness on my tongue
I'm getting up past noon
and never leaving my room
I’m surrounded, by my vices
going nowhere but up clothing sizes

packing light, drinking heavy
pick a flight, and when I’m ready
lose my balance, fall in love,
become a patient to
the words of a writer
a retrospective liar
painted gold by the glimmer
of a month long summer

how could someone hurt another
cut the fat to make it thinner
bleach the hair to make it brighter

I wanna be a free agent
and not a slave to the arrangement
forgiving absurdist dream
as a side effect of the codeine

Nobody needs to be alone
Track Name: Genes
I hang my jeans on the line
air dryin'
fill the jug and water my plant,
yep... still dyin'
I run myself a bath, the first that I've had in a while
the candle lit kind

wipe the fog away from mirror
but that's not me it's an identity
an impression of the person that I plan to be
taking it one step at a time

I reassure my sister I'm doing fine
still tryin'
I'm keepin all the bones from the skeletons in a crate
I got no closet to keep them safe
I'm waiting for my package of the silicone
to piece em back together so they're whole again

Just to feel like someone is nearer
but that's decreed
an act of heresy
to conjur up the person I was meant to be
before I say goodbye
before I say goodbye
Track Name: Crows Feet
I'm getting spiders legs not crows feet
I'm buyin' fresh veg not frozen meat
I'm thinkin bout you as I do my laundry
and how I couldn't take you on my back seat

the mirror changes my reflection
when nobody is showin' me affection
It's not a bad thing, ooo I'm not complaining
it's just the downward inflection as I'm singin'

what do I do now?
In love, I haven't got the talent
still I take it as a challenge

but It's not easy to talk with other women
when the first thing I think of is the last thing you were sayin

I've taken myself to a movie
ignoring the couples getting cosy
while they're holding hands in the scary scenes
I remember the way used to touch me

now I'm wired cus I have been smokin'
too many darts, I should be throwin'
poppin ballons we be nangin'
ashin the doobies we be tokin'

what do I do now?
In love, I haven't got the talent
still I take it as a challenge

but It aint easy to talk with other women
when the last thing I drank was a funny combination
it aint to talk with other women
when the first thing I think of is the last thing you were sayin'
last thing you were sayin'
last thing you were sayin'
Track Name: Long Play
sweat is rollin down my forehead in this cinema space
we've never met, but I recognise the pain written on your face
singin your story, knuckle to the nose, too easy to fall in love
I need to find closure, don't wanna be alone, but I'm scared that I'm not enough

turnin on the air con, just for a minute fillin' 40 pairs of lungs
a cocktail of pheromones spillin from the glands, I shape your name with my tongue
it aint a mistake if you wanna repeat, it aint a mistake if you wanna repeat it
love isn't a game, but so many play it, no wonder why we're all so jaded

a couple days later, flippin through the paper lookin for some part time jobs
I see they need an undertaker, an empathetic griever to help another through their loss
too many treat the dead as if they're headed to a better place
as if we are rewarded for doin' what we're ordered
from the cradle to the grave

I wanna hurt
I wanna hurt the one that hurt you
Track Name: Living Will
It's quiet now inside the house
the animals are winding down
the rain has stopped
wind has died
the plants are getting drunk tonight

I've yet to smoke this cigarette
a will becomes a might
if death is real but life is a dream
do we die each time we sleep?

I wrote a letter to be read
when I take my final breath
it describes the details
of what is to be inherited

pull my eyes from where they rest
and feed me to the mountains